Monday, January 09, 2012

Military Monday - Nathaniel Ormsby

I would like to pay tribute to one of my Revolutionary War Ancestors, Nathaniel Ormsby.

Nathaniel Ormsby who was born on 7 November 1734 at Norwich, CT, the son of Samuel and Dinah (Fisher) Ormsby.  He married Elizabeth Perkins on 7 May 1759 at Norwich, CT.  She was born 28 March 1740 at Norwich, CT to Robert and Lydia (Bushnell) Perkins. 

Nathaniel served as an Ensign in the French and Indian War.

Nathaniel and Elizabeth had 8 children:
1.  Nathaniel Ormsby
2. Lydia Ormsby, born 24 February 1761 at Norwich, CT
3. Anne Ormsby, born 11 January 1763 at Norwich, CT
4. Salle Ormsby, born 15 September 1765 at Norwich, CT
5. Elizabeth Ormsby, born 1 September 1768 at Norwich, CT
6. Samuel Ormsby, born 10 November 1770 at Norwich, CT and died there 3 April 1771.
7. Eunice Ormsby, born 26 November 1772 at Norwich, CT and married Ezra Phillips, Jr.
8. Samuel Ormsby, born 30 August 1775 at Norwich, CT and married Rachel Day.

In 1776, Nathaniel moved his family to the "far west", now known as Hampshire Co., MA.  The following year, he volunteered in the Continental Army.   He served as a Private in Col. Nixon's Sixth Regiment from 15 May 1777.  He was captured by the British and died at Albany, NY while captive on 25 October 1777.

After his death, Elizabeth married Deacon William P. Miller on 24 September 1778 at Huntington, MA and had two more children.

Nathaniel was one of thousands who were held captive by the British during the Revolutionary War.  Approximately 80% of those POW's died in captivity. 

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