Monday, April 28, 2014

Amanuensis Monday - Grandma Hill's Poetry, Week 34

A Lonesome Town

The town is big and lonesome
Every day is a lonesome day.
For the boys who donned the khaki
Have waved, and marched away.
There are gleams of yellow sunshine
Coming through the new leafed trees
And the butterflies have wakened
We hear the hum of the honeybees.
The sounds are as cheerful as of old
As we watch the children run and play
But the boys, just out of school,
Have waved to us and gone away.

Yes, the boys have gone and left us
have marched away, khaki clad
And the town is big and lonesome
The days are not so glad
As they used to be.
The birds Sing as gayly in the tree.
But it seems the world will never be
The same as it used to be.
‘Till we have the boys back with us,
‘Till we hear their marching feet
And see them waving again to us
Coming gaily down the street.

They are boys, who were just little bits
of fellows, only yesterday,
Full of talk about their kites and marbles
And now they’ve marched away.
Marched away, like grown men, to meet
And battle with a foreign foe.
Our hearts were sad, but proud, to have
Them wave to us, then turn and go.
We know they’ll do their duty nobly
Our brave boys in khaki brown,
But ‘till they come marching home

This will be a lonesome town.

Nancy Jane Wiley Hill (1875-1960) was always writing something.  Many of those poems are now in the possession of her granddaughter Shirley Kern.  Shirley, with the help of her sister-in-law Ruth Ormsby, transcribed these poems in 1996 for a Hill-Ormsby-Kern family reunion.  I am going to post many of these poems so that they may be enjoyed by all.

These are copyright 1996 and reprinted with permission.

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