Saturday, September 27, 2014

Society Saturday - Heritage Weekend Begins

We are in the midst of the Second Annual Illinois Heritage Weekend.  This year we have 4 more organizations joining us and more attendees as well.

A national organization joined us for our luncheon - The Guild of Colonial Artisans and Tradesmen 1607-1783 was planning to have 2 national representatives join us and give our luncheon program.  While this organization traditionally meets in April during Lineage Week, they try to have an occasional fall meeting somewhere outside of Washington DC.  They thought that our Heritage Weekend would be a good opportunity for them to visit Illinois.

The Guild was founded in 2004 to honor our working-class ancestors.  Men and women who descend from a colonial artisan or tradesman are eligible.  The Guild website has a listing of these colonial trades - some of which are no longer in existence.

President General Nell White was planning to fly in from her home in Arkansas.  Unfortunately this was the same day as the air traffic control disaster, so her flight was cancelled.  Honorary President General Jeannine Kallal stepped in and gave her program about the "Trades of the Mayflower Passengers". 

We learned that many of the passengers were weavers, some were merchants and one was a blacksmith.  It was a very interesting program and inspired many of our attendees to look for an artisan or tradesman in their lineage.

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