Monday, February 09, 2015

Matrilineal Monday - Mom's birthday celebration part 2

In addition to the card shower planned for my mother's 90th birthday (see previous post),  We had another surprise planned.

I had told her that I was going to take her to lunch at her favorite restaurant - Shorty's BBQ. What I didn't tell her was that several of her friends were going to join us.

I had secretly invited several of her friends and family to join us - some by facebook, some by email, and some by old fashioned snail mail.

Unfortunately, there was 14 inches of snow on her birthday so lunch had to be postponed.  I had to let everyone know of the new date, and hope they would be able to come.

We went a few days later.  When we walked into the restaurant and walked back toward our table, all of a sudden she saw several people she knew.

It was quite the surprise.   Including mom, there were 13 people.  Some cousins and a niece from her side of the family, some nieces from my dad's side, some friends, my sister and her daughters, and myself.

As for the card shower - as of yesterday, she had received 107 cards and a bunch of balloons.

And, being snowed in was a great opportunity to scan through some of her old photos - to be posted at another time.

It was a great way to celebrate 9 decades of her life.  Now what to do for her 100th???

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