Saturday, October 24, 2015

Society Saturday - Daughters in Dearborn

The October Board meeting of the Daughters of Founders and Patriots was hosted by the Michigan Chapter in Dearborn, MI.  This is a suburb of Detroit, and the home of Henry Ford. 

The Michigan ladies were gracious hostesses supplying us with all-Michigan-made products for our meet and greet in the evening.  We enjoyed pasties, bumpy cake, Better Made chips and Rainbow chips - washed down with Vernor's and Faygo soft drinks.  For dessert we had Michigan-grown apples with caramel sauce made in Michigan.

The highlight of our Board meeting is the day spent seeing all the local sights.  This year we toured the Henry Ford museum and Greenfield Village.  The museum has a lot of old cars, trains and airplanes, along with other "modern" conveniences.

The Village consists of many historic buildings that have been moved or reconstructed. We had a ride pass, so we enjoyed the turn of the century transportation -

the horsedrawn carriage

 the model T

the steam train

and for fun, the carousel

We enjoyed lunch at the Eagle Tavern and were met by the Tavern owner prior to enjoying family style food.   After lunch we chatted with a travelling salesman before touring the village.

Some of us were feeling energetic enough to turn the train at the roundhouse.

One stop was at the 1917 factory where we had the opportunity to make our own brass candlesticks with their steam-powered lathe.

The next day was our Board meeting.  Our lunch speaker after the meeting was Robert Kreipke, the Corporate Historian for Ford Motor Company.  He told us many tidbits about the company, from its founding, to its historic vehicles, to some of the other ventures such as shipbuilding and airplane building.

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