Saturday, June 08, 2019

Society Saturday - Visiting the Order

As National President of the Daughters of Founders and Patriots of America, I was invited to attend the banquet of our male counterpart, the Order of Founders and Patriots of America.

Virgina DFPA President Wanda Russo, OFPA Governor General Richard Wright, DFPA National President Kimberly Nagy
Both groups have similar membership requirements requiring an unbroken male line to a colonial founder of our country with a Revolutionary War patriot along the line.

Their annual meeting was in Richmond, Virginia.  I took advantage of the location and arrived early to spend a few days at the Library of Virginia to work on a couple of brick walls.

The banquet was at the Omni Hotel in downtown Richmond.  The evening started with a parade of flags representing all the state chapters of OFPA.

Color Guard in Uniform

Following dinner, there was an awards presentation, and of course, opportunities for photos.

The ladies at the dinner - mostly wives plus 2 DFPA members

Representatives of Virginia and National OFPA and DFPA

The Governor General of the Order and I are attempting to increase collaboration between our organizations and we are looking forward to future opportunites for joint ventures.

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