Saturday, March 30, 2013

Society Saturday - Happy Birthday to DuPage DAC!

At our Spring meeting of the Illinois State Daughters of the American Colonists, we had 2 things to celebrate!

First, this meeting was the official visit of our National President, Carole Rambo Holt.  Carole gave a very interested presentation about St. Mary's City in Maryland, the site of her National Project.  Although I have actually visited the archealogical site there, I learned a lot from her presentation. 

One fact that I found especially interesting was that a woman, Margaret Brent, actually spoke up for her rights.  She was unmarried, and owned property.  She was appointed executrix to the estate of Lord Calvert, Governor of the colony in 1647.  She acted as his attorney and appealed to the colonial legislature in 1648 - asking for "Vote... and Voyce".  Although this request was not granted, she is still regarded as the first female in Colonial America to lobby for her own rights.

State Regent Jane Schleinzer, National President Carole Holt, DuPage Chapter President Lorna Wright

Mrs. Holt's proposed project is to build a pavilion shelter at the historic site for the use of school groups.  It is to be named the "Margaret Brent Pavilion".

The other celebration was the anniversary of the organization of DuPage Chapter, DAC (the hostess chapter for the meeting).  We had a special Anniversary Cake for our dessert.

National President Carole Holt cuts the cake as DuPage Chapter President Lorna Wright, page Callah McLeod, and State Regent Jane Schleinzer look on

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