Saturday, June 29, 2013

Society Saturday - Grandma Mary was a Witch

My stay in Washington for Lineage Week concluded with the Associated Daughters of Early American Witches breakfast on Saturday morning. 

This is one of the most fun groups to belong to.  Partly because of all of the wonderful ladies (over 500) who belong, and partly because it's just fun to tell people that you're a "witch". 

ADEAW has a breakfast every year that is always well attended.  This year, our speaker was Bernice Telian, one of our members.  Bernice had written a book about her ancestor Mary Barnes entitled "My Grandma Mary was a Witch".  She gave an interesting talk about how she learned about her grandmother's brush with witchcraft.

Bernice Telian with President General Kathy Carey

Mary Barnes was the wife of Thomas Barnes.  They had four children: Sarah Barnes (married John Scoville), Benjamin Barnes, Joseph BArnes, and Hannah Barnes.  Mary was tried for witchcraft in January 1662/3 in Connecticut.  She was found guilty and hanged on 25 January 1662/3.  Several of the ADEAW members claim her as their ancestor.

Bernice concluded with a personal request for the Connecticut legislature to exonerate Mary.

Chaplain Kelly Carey conducts the memorial service with the assistance of our page.

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