Saturday, June 01, 2013

Society Saturday - Tour of the State Department

Every year, following General Court, the ladies of  the National Society, Daughters of Founders and Patriots go on a tour somewhere in the greater Washington DC area. 

This year they travelled to the U.S. State Department for a tour of the Diplomatic Reception Rooms.  Upon entering the State Department building (after clearing airport-style security), we were led down a series of drab hallways with a very "government-issue" look to an elevator.  When we exited the elevator on the top floor, the surroundings had changed dramatically.  We were greeted by a guide who explained that the Secretary of State, Vice-President and a few other select government officials could use these rooms for diplomatic functions.  The reception rooms were established in the 1960's and furnished over the next 20 years with pieces representing early American art.

Our guide upon entering the Reception rooms explaining the history of some of the furniture.

This is a Skippet - a box that holds an official wax seal - used for signing treaties.

A portrait of John Hancock hangs in the Gallery.

Our Guide points out several items of interest in the Gallery. 
National President Irene Walker looks on.

In the John Quincy Adams Drawing Room stands the desk that the Treaty of Paris was signed on.

In the desk is one of the original copies of the Treaty of Paris.

Our tour group in the Thomas Jefferson room

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