Monday, November 25, 2013

Amanuensis Monday - Grandma Hill's Poetry, week 12

I'm sorry I can't come to thank you right,
But can't, for my hair long ago turned white.
But mayhap for me, 'tis just as well
For praise might make my head swell.
But many thanks for your kind letter
Kind words make us all feel much better.
I'm glad you are a friend of my grandson,
And hope he may find many another good one.
I wish you content with your Army life
And glad that with you, there is your wife.
A man and wife - many miles apart
Makes far too much aching for the heart.

Nancy Jane Wiley Hill (1875-1960) was always writing something.  Many of those poems are now in the possession of her granddaughter Shirley Kern.  Shirley, with the help of her sister-in-law Ruth Ormsby, transcribed these poems in 1996 for a Hill-Ormsby-Kern family reunion.  I am going to post many of these poems so that they may be enjoyed by all.

These are copyright 1996 and reprinted with permission.

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