Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Advent Calendar of Christmas Memories - Day 2, Christmas Cards

Yes, another late posting.

I still send out Christmas cards - to friends, family, coworkers and fellow lineage group officers.  Although I do almost all of my other correspondence electronically, I feel like emailed Christmas greetings are too impersonal.  (I still hand-write my thank you notes as well - a good habit that I have my mother to thank).

For nearly 20 years, we have been sending out an annual holiday letter.  There are a few years that I've missed due to one thing or another, but I enjoy doing this.  A few times, my daughters wrote the letter, and one year our dog even "wrote" the letter.  I like to give updates on our family - what the girls are involved with at school, work, etc.  I talk about vacations we have taken.  Basically, any news that has happened over the past year.  I insert representative photos in the letter - pictures of a new pet, the girls dressed up for a dance, halloween costumes, and vacations have all appeared.

I enjoy reading the letters that I receive from my family and friends.  I have saved them in a binder and it is a lot of fun to look back at previous years and marvel at how much the girls have grown, or how fashions have changed.  I feel like it is a window into a family's history - both my own, as well as other family letters that I keep.

Now, its time to start writing this year's letter....

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