Monday, March 24, 2014

Amanuensis Monday - Grandma Hill's Poetry, Week 29

Mickey Mouse

When married, Mr. & Mrs. Mickey Mouse
Came to make their home at my house.
They do so many, many things that are not fair.
The very first thing, they frightened me upon a chair.

And every time they find any bread and cheese
That I have laid away upon my shelves,
They never, never say “If you please”
But eat every bit, their own greedy selves.

And if they find any of my good dresses,
That I have put away to save as my best,
They chew them all up into nasty messes
And in them build their snug nest.

So now I’m asking you, Mr. & Mrs. Mouse:
“Won’t you take your children and leave my house?
For I warn you, if you don’t do just that
I’m going to tell my good old Nellie cat.”

“She will search for you, wherever you go,
She will pounce on you as you run to and fro,
She will bite down on you, as she does on her meat,

And then carry you home for her kittens to eat.”

Note: I believe this poem is about the rodent, not the animated character :-)

Nancy Jane Wiley Hill (1875-1960) was always writing something.  Many of those poems are now in the possession of her granddaughter Shirley Kern.  Shirley, with the help of her sister-in-law Ruth Ormsby, transcribed these poems in 1996 for a Hill-Ormsby-Kern family reunion.  I am going to post many of these poems so that they may be enjoyed by all.

These are copyright 1996 and reprinted with permission.

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