Saturday, April 04, 2015

Society Saturday - The Battle of New Orleans

The State Council of US Daughters of 1812 held their Annual  State Council meeting.

The guest speaker was Dale Phillips, an expert on the War of 1812 in the south.  He explained the importance of the Battle of New Orleans, which was not just "a battle that occurred after the war was over" like we were taught in school.

He explained some of the military strategy behind the final battles, and concluded that the Battle was very important to history because:

1. It catapulted Andrew Jackson straight into the presidency.
2. Although the Treaty of Ghent had been negotiated, it probably would not have been ratified by Parliament if the British had been victorious
3. If the British had won, they would have stayed encamped on US soil as an occupation force - they would not have been available to fight Napoleon at Waterloo.
4. The outnumbered Americans secured a victory to their morale as well, helping to create a more unified national consciousness.
5. Calls for secession from the New England States during the Hartford Convention were quieted by a victory over England.

After the program, the State daughters of 1812 held their business meeting which included election and installation of the 2015-18 slate of officers.

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