Saturday, August 01, 2015

Society Saturday - McAllister's Battery

The Dames of the Court of Honor leaned about the First Illinois Light Artillery Company D (aka McAllister's Battery) from Tina Beaird, Reference Librarian at Plainfield Public Library.  She has researched this company extensively and told some of her findings.

Edward McAllister from Plainfield, IL joined the Union Army as soon as he heard the news of Fort Sumter at church.  Seventy-seven other young also enlisted immediately.  They signed up for "100 days", because of course, everyone thought the war would be over quickly.

Their Company was known for their bravery during the battle of Fort Donaldson, Shiloh, and Vicksburg.  They were in charge of cannon during these battles.

During the battle of Shiloh, McAllister saw the carnage on the field, and soon resigned his commission as Captain so that he could return home to his wife and baby.  He was succeeded by Captain Henry Rogers.  Rogers was killed by a sniper at Vicksburg and was succeeded by Captain Edgar Cooper.

The Battery itself served from April 19, 1861 until July 18, 1865.  They lost relatively few men, but almost all of the survivors suffered from hearing loss due to their proximity to the cannon.

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