Saturday, May 07, 2016

Society Saturday- The Quaker Experience

The National Society Descendants of Early Quakers met at a tea during Lineage Week.  The is a nice congenial society that always agrees in unity when they conduct business.

The speaker was member David Grinnell, who descends from several Quaker ancestors.  He spoke on the early history of the Quaker movement.  George Fox started the Quaker movement in England in 1645.  He believed that religion was more than reading the bible, but that individuals should listen to the still small inner voice of God.  He also did not believe in required tithing.

By 1651, his beliefs had spread across England and into the colonies.  Quaker meetings were essentially unplanned worship led by God and the Holy Spirit.  This, of course, was offensive to the Puritan ministers who believed in long sermons and tithing.  Ultimately, the Quakers were persecuted for their beliefs. 

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