Monday, September 17, 2018

Military Monday - Letters from Henry part 12

Henry is still lonely - he states he is the only one of his company there - but then mentions that he is in the hospital with a shrapnel wound to his elbow!  Remember back in August of 1918 he mentioned that he was having a "vacation" with a new company.  Apparently he didn't want his parents to worry that he had been wounded.

France Aug 30 1918
Dear Parents,
Hoping this will find you all well and happy the same as I am at present. Have you heard from Clara and Lorenz lately. By the papers I see that he will soon get a chance to be in it to.
I have not got any more of my mail for about two months and don’t expect to get any till I am out of the hospital.
Think I will be leaving next week for my elbow is all healed up again it was only a small shrapnel wound at the left elbow and in a few days I will be good as ever.
It is quite lonesome here I am the only one from our company. Been away rom the company since three weeks Wednesday. How would you lik to have one of these little jack ass and a two wheel cart the have here? Give my best wishes to all, With Love, Henry
Pvt. Henry Steinbrecher .
Co.B 38th Inf
A P.O. 740
American E.F.

Here is a telegram dated September 27 informing his parents that he had been wounded on August 7.
Clearly communications 100 years ago were not nearly as rapid as today.

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