Monday, October 01, 2018

Military Monday - Letters from Henry part 14

More letters asking about the harvest and school.  Henry is still apparently with his second company although it is hard to tell if he has left the hospital and returned to duty.

He had some pictures taken in uniform and is sending them home.

France Sept. 15, 1918
Dear Parents,
Will try and write you a few lines this Sunday morning and sure is a lovely one could not wish for a finer morning. No doubt you people are all going to church today, sure would enjoy it very much if I could be with again and hear one of Rev. Bunge’s sermons for I have not heard a good sermon for a long time. I intend to attend the services here this morning but they not like our Minister.
Had some photos taken of myself and will enclose three in this letter mail one to Marie and the others you can have unless you want to give Wills one but don’t forget one belongs to you Arthur.
I am fine and dandy getting back to myself again weighed 173 a few days ago that is nearly my average weight again.
Hope you will get them O.K. I will send some of them to Rosa for I have three of them left over.
How is everybody by this time and is Grandmother able to up the same as usual don’t for to tell her that I send her my Best Wishes.
Do you hear how Coles’ and Clara and their families are getting along this summer. How do you like school by this time? I bet you are studying like a good fellow. With Love and Best wishes.

France Sept 19 1918
Will try write a few lines before going to dinner as it is nearly time to eat once again. I would like to have dinner with you folks again but this is impossible just now so we will have to wait a little longer. Come to think of it Lorenz had another birthday if I am not mistaken he is 20 yrs. Old now. Is he still working in Hammond?
Hope you folks are all enjoying the best of good health the same as I am.
You need not be alarmed if you do not hear from me so frequently as you have in the past month or so. You should have received at least two (2) letters each week in that time. Also some photo’s last week in a letter hope you have received them O.K. had some taken that perhaps you would like to get a glimpse of me. You must not expect to see a model of anything of that sort for it is just my own self the same as always A little more fleshy then I was about four weeks before that, this short rest helped me a great deal and I weight nearly as much as other summers and feeling fine so you must be a real good boy.
With love and best wishes

France Sept 27, 1918
Dear Parents & Arthur,
Friday afternoon and have nothing else to do just now so I thot perhaps you would be glad to get a few lines from me for a change.
Hoping this will find you all well and happy the same as I am at present. I sure would be glad to receive a letter from you, for it is a long time since I got a letter from any one. I expect to get where some of my mail is in a few days, and sure ought to have quite a bunch of it by this time.
I suppose you are going to school and studying like a good fellow. How are the parents getting on this summer? I hope the rheumatism is not bothering them so much this summer as usual.
Do you get to see Wills very often? Give them my best wishes, I will try and write them a letter in a short time for news is quite scarse with me at present.
Suppose you all had a ood time at the fair this year I wish that I could have been there with you. I want you to be careful and not eat too much turkey for Thanksgiving. With Love and Best Wishes to all.

He must realize how long the mail takes, because he is asking about the Thanksgiving turkey and it is only September.

Again, note the censors mark in the corner.

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