Sunday, December 30, 2018

Sentimental Sunday - One Hundred Years ago today....

My father was born.  Yes, he would have been 100 years old today had he not left us much too soon.
So in tribute to his life during 69 of these years, I am dedicating this post to him.

Donald Edward Ormsby was born on 30 December 1918.  His parents were Harold Basil and Jessie Marie (Hill) Ormsby.  He was born in Casey, Illinois.  When he was just over 3 months old his father died.  A few years later his mother moved to Toledo, Ohio with the boys.  She remarried and had five more children. 

Donald Ormsby with his father in early 1919

Don grew up spending time in both Toledo with his mother and in Casey with his paternal grandparents.  He attended schools in both places at various times.

Dorr school in Toledo, OH - Don seated at far left in 1930

Donald Ormsby wearing his Casey High School sweater

On 13 December 1941 he married Nadine Darling.  They had a son Larry and were divorced a few years later.

Nadine and Donald Ormsby in 1941

In 1942, he joined the Army Air corps.  He received a medical discharge in 1943 before seeing any combat.

Donald Ormsby 1942

After his military stint, Don attended the Internationl Training Institute in Chicago where he learned the skills necessary to repair large appliances.  He moved back to Toledo and opened a business, Efficient Refrigeration with a man named "Red" Richards.  This business was in the building that had been Collingwood Bottled water company, and they soon realized that the bottled water business was better for them.

Original Collingwood Water Company building on Prescott St in Toledo, OH/

On 4 January 1950, he married Ruth Steinbrecher. 

Ruth and Donald Ormsby in 1950

Don and Ruth had 2 daughters - myself and my sister Robin.

Don with wife Ruth and children Larry, Robin and Kim in 1981

Sadly, he died of complications of aneurysm surgery on 2 July 1988.  He was only 69 years old.

Dad, we still miss you.
Donald and Ruth Ormsby 1988

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