Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Daughters of Founders and Patriots of America

Established in 1898, this is one of the older all female lineage groups.  Also one of the harder to get into.  Simply because their lineage requirement is that you descend from a "Founder" who arrived in the colonies before 1687 and a "Patriot" who aided the colonial cause during the American Revolution.  The catch is, it has to be all in the male line (no female lines allowed) with the exception that you can trace through your mother's line, then all male.  In other words, your Founder/Patriot combination must be either in your surname or your mother's maiden surname.
The group itself meets every April in DC during lineage week for a banquet, daytime meeting, and luncheon as well as a tour of a local site.  This year the tour was to "Dumbarton House" in Georgetown, but I wasn't able to attend due to other commitments.  National President Donna Derrick presided over the meeting, called General Court, and everyone had a good time.
My Founder is Richard Ormesby, born at Lincolnshire, England ca 1604, traveled to Massachusetts.  He settled first near Saco, Maine in 1640 then migrated through NH, Haverhill, MA and Salisbury, MA.  He ended up in Rehoboth, MA where he died in 1664.  His wife was Sarah Upham, who survived him.
My Patriot is Nathaniel Ormsby, born at Norwich, CT in 1734.  In 1759 he married Elizabeth Perkins.   He served briefly during the French and Indian War.  In 1777 he joined the 6th Regiment of the Continental Army.  He was captured at Albany and died 25 October 1777.

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