Friday, April 01, 2011

Lots of looking, not so much finding.

For the past 3 days, I have been in 2 courthouses, 2 libraries and one state archives.  Not to mention wandering in 3 cemeteries and driving on gravel roads to my ancestor's homesteads.
Unfortunately, Matilda remains as elusive as ever.  I found more information about the women I believe to be her sisters, along with their families.  But none of them had an obituary that I can find, and Matilda's suspected father did not leave a will, nor any probate records that I can find.  I even searched in the county next door.  To top it off, I found an index entry for John Shuey - Matilda's father-in-law, but when we looked in box #42 where the probate record was supposed to be it was empty!
I have nearly exhausted the resources in Clay and Vigo County, IN but I'm not totally giving up on Matilda.  She was born and (probably) married in Augusta Co, VA so I guess I need to plan a trip there next.
On the plus side, I spent most of yesterday at the Ohio Historic Society working on some other lines.  I was able to find a bible record that helps solidify my theory that Reuben Hill came from Wicomico and Somerset Counties in MD.

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