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From Russia with Love - Part 3

Part 3 - Becoming American

Here is the last part of the Steinbrecher trilogy -
They started in Russia:
They sailed across the atlantic ocean:

Finally, they settled in Fulton County, Ohio.

This is the Lutheran Church in Pettisville where they worshiped (as it looked in 2010)

They settled near Pettisville, a town with a large population of other German speakers.  My great-grandmother never really learned to speak English.  My great-grandfather could speak enough to "get by".  This is understandable, considering the family lived in Russia for over 100 years and still spoke primarily German.

They did become citizens of the United States on 3 October 1910.

My great-grandparents were:

John William Steinbrecher, born 14 August 1859 in Doenhoff, Russia, son of Johann Wilhelm and Catherine Elizabeth Steinbrecher.
He married (1) Catherine Baus on 27 December 1881.  They had:
1. William Steinbrecher, born 13 August 1882 in Russia
2. Katharine S. Steinbrecher, born 30 May 1884 in Russia
3. Eva Elizabeth Steinbrecher, born 31 May 1886 in Russia
4. Marie Elizabeth Steinbrecher, born 5 July 1888 in Russia
Catherine died on 25 August 1888 and John married (2) Eva Elizabeth Hettinger on 4 June 1889 in Doenhoff.  She was the daughter of Jacob & Eva (Schlegel) Hettinger and was born 30 August 1866 in Doenhoff.
They had:
5. Henry Steinbrecher, born 10 September 1890 in Russia
6. Rosa Steinbrecher, born 13 June 1892 in Nebraska
7. John Steinbrecher, born 22 June 1894 in Fulton Co., OH.
8. Clara Steinbrecher, born 24 August 1895 in Fulton Co., OH
9. Lorenz Louis Steinbrecher, born 18 September 1898 in Fulton Co., OH
10. Arthur E. Steinbrecher, born 25 May 1906 in Fulton Co., OH.

This family photo was taken in late 1894.  
Back: children William, Eva and Katherine Steinbrecher
Front: children Henry and Rosa Steinbrecher, parents Johann Wilhelm and Eva Elizabeth (Hettinger) Steinbrecher, children John and Marie Steinbrecher.

They are buried at Pettisville Lutheran Cemetery, Pettisville, Fulton Co., Ohio with William's parents and some of their children and grandchildren.

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