Saturday, October 22, 2011

Society Saturday - "Hats off to Our Heritage"

The National Society Children of the American Colonists has a project every year to support our colonial heritage.  Usually, when we think of colonial america, the original thirteen colonies come to mind.  There were europeans living farther west as early as the late 1680's.  These were predominantly fur traders who enjoyed a business relationship with the native americans in areas of present-day Wisconsin, Illinois, and Michigan.  This history is commemorated at Isle a la Cache Museum in Romeoville, IL.

This year, National President Amanda Nagy has chosen to support the Museum.  She is raising funds to help build a hands-on exhibit to show school children what happens to the furs that the traders obtain from the indians.  The children will learn how the furs are made into beaver skin hats similar to the iconic hat worn by Abraham Lincoln.

Her National Project theme is "Hats off to our Heritage" and she will be selling lapel pins to help raise money.

The Illinois Chapter of CAC recently visited the Isle a la Cache Museum and saw the area of the proposed exhibit.

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