Monday, October 15, 2012

Military Monday - Henry Critser

My Fourth War of 1812 Ancestor is Henry Critser.

Henry Critser was born on 8 July 1793 at Harrison Co., (West) Virginia.  His parents were George and Hester (Moore) Critser.  He moved to Warren Co., OH sometime between 1805 (when his father sold his land in VA) and 1812.

On 1 May 1812, Henry volunteered at Dayton, OH as a substitute for his future brother-in-law John Robinson.  He joined Capt. John Sheeets' Company but was taken prisoner by the British on 16 August 1812.  He was released 2 weeks later at Detroit, MI.  A year later, on 1 November 1813, he again volunteered at St. Mary's, OH as a substitute for John Ferrel and served under Capt. Timothy Titus.  He was discharged on 4 March 1814.

Henry returned to Warren Co., OH where he married Abigail Robertson on 15 September 1816.  She was the daughter of Joseph and Rachel (Moore) Robertson - and Henry's cousin.  Abigail was born on 11 November 1787 at Allegany Co., MD, and her family had moved to Warren County in 1797.  Abigail was the widow of Josiah Edwards who died in 1814.  They had four children: Elizabeth Edwards, Joseph Edwards, John Edwards and Nancy Edwards.

Henry and Abigail settled down to a life of farming.  They moved to Decatur Co., IN sometime before 1834 when he bought 80 acres of land there.  Henry also built one of the first mills in that county, in 1838, just south of Milford, IN.

They had three children:
1. William Critser, born 1817 in OH.  He married Sarah Todd.
2. Hester Critser, born 5 November 1818 in OH, and married Thomas Wiley - they are my 3rd-great-grandparents.
3. Henry Robert Critser, born 7 March 1828 at Franklin Co., IN.  He married Lucinda Yeley.

Abigail died on 12 December 1863 at Decatur Co., IN, and is buried in the Milford Cemetery there.

Henry married again, on 18 February 1864 at Decatur Co., IN, to Martha Scontz.  She was born 2 March 1837 at Jefferson Co., IN.  They had one child:
4. George B. McClellan Critzer, born 17 January 1865 at Milford, IN.  He married Elizabeth Barnes.

Henry died on 15 January 1877 at Milford, IN and is buried next to his first wife.

Martha (Scontz) Critser died on 17 December 1924 at Johnson Co., IN

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