Saturday, October 20, 2012

Society Saturday - "Coffee, Tea, or... Girdle Checks?"

Our DAR chapter had a regular meeting today with a guest speaker.

Shari Kelley Worrell was a Stewardess for 35 years with United.  She gave an interesting and entertaining program about her experience as a Stewardess, especially when she started in the 60's.

Some tidbits from her program were:
  • Stewardesses had to be between 5'2" and 5'8" tall and 105-118 pounds. 
  • They couldn't be married, because the airline didn't want husbands calling if they were late getting home to make dinner.
  • Before every flight, they had an "appearance check" to be sure there were no runs in their hosiery, the seams in the hosiery were straight, and that they were wearing their girdle.
  • In addition to learning about the planes, the routes, and emergency procedures in "Stew School", they learned the proper way to extinguish a cigarette, and how to gaze into a man's eyes when he helped them put a coat on.
  • They had to wear a skirt or dress at all times, even when picking up their paycheck.
  • The only times they could wear pants in school was during the emergency preparedness lesson or if they were going bowling.
  • It was illegal to serve alcohol when flying over Utah.
She also told us some stories about various passengers she had - both famous and infamous. 

It was a very enjoyable program.

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