Saturday, May 31, 2014

Society Saturday - Touring the O Street Museum

The Daughters of Founders and Patriots of America always conclude their General Court meeting with a fun tour of a local site.  This year's tour was particularly novel.  We walked about 1/2 mile to the O Street Mansion.

Some of our ladies waiting to go in the mansion
This mansion is also a museum, bed & breakfast, meeting location and gift shop.  It consists of five row houses which were acquired over the years and combined into one unique building.  Several of the bedrooms have themes, such as the John Lennon bedroom, the Teddy Roosevelt bedroom, the Rosa Parks bedroom, and the Log Cabin bedroom.  The walls are covered with artwork and there are books, and knickknacks throughout the building.  Everything is for sale - if you see a painting on the wall that you want, you can purchase it.

Standing in the entry hall listening to a brief history of the mansion.
The most fun part of the building are the secret doors.  We were told that there were 72 secret doors and that over half were accesssible to the public.  Thus the hunt began.  We were able to spot about 10-15 of them.  Some were small, and simply opened up to storage areas, but some were full size and were the only way in or out of part of the building.

I am standing in the wine cellar, entered only by one of the secret doors
After touring the museum, we had a nice brunch in one of their dining rooms.  This is definitely someplace fun to visit when in DC.

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