Friday, August 05, 2011

Hill-Ormsby-Kern Reunion

Last month, we had a reunion of our family.  It represented the descendants of Charles Taylor and Nancy Jane (Wiley) Hill.  Almost 70 of the descendants of their son William Hill and their daughter Jessie (Hill) Ormsby Kern met at the house of my cousin D.J. in Swanton, OH.  She has a large great-room for entertaining, a large yard and a pond with a beach which kept the younger members entertained.

Family members came from across the U.S. - those who came the farthest were Mike and Jane (Watkins) Trefren who drove from Florida, Don and Kathy Hill who drove from North Carolina, Arlene Hill who flew from Washington, D.C., Aunt Shirley Kern who flew from New Orleans, and Chuck and Kathy Ormsby who drove from southern Illinois.

We had a great time visiting with our cousins who we don't see very often.  Of course, there were some younger cousins and some spouses who I hadn't met yet.  Everyone had a great time despite the 90-plus degree heat.  I hope that we have another reunion soon.

The Hill Family - 4 generations of descendants of William and Marguerrie (Spray) Hill

The Ormsby Family - 3 generations of descendants of H. Basil and Jessie (Hill) Ormsby
(her first marriage)

The Kern Family - 4 generations of descendants of James and Jessie (Hill) Kern
(her second marriage)

The "Elder Statesmen" of the Family-
Shirley Kern (daughter of Jim & Jessie)
"Wimp" Hill (son of William)
Ruth Ormsby (widow of Basil & Jessie's son Don)
Mary Kern (widow of Jim & Jessie's son Dick)

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