Monday, July 07, 2014

Amanuensis Monday - Grandma Hill's Poetry, Week 44

In addition to poetry, Grandma had several "wise quips".  Here are a few:

  • Whenever dreams are really bad, they never seem to break up.  But whenever dreams are really good, it's time to wake up.
  • A borrower is the one who tries to live within your means.
  • Egotism is the anesthesia that keeps people on living terms with themselves.
  • The girl who thinks no man is good enough for her, may be right - but she is more often left.
  • A man is that large irrational creature who is always looking for home atmosphere in a hotel, and hotel service around the house.
  • I wonder if the future will bring a day, when I can hide a thing in secret, with utmost care, and later on, remember where?

Nancy Jane Wiley Hill (1875-1960) was always writing something.  Many of those poems are now in the possession of her granddaughter Shirley Kern.  Shirley, with the help of her sister-in-law Ruth Ormsby, transcribed these poems in 1996 for a Hill-Ormsby-Kern family reunion.  I am going to post many of these poems so that they may be enjoyed by all.

These are copyright 1996 and reprinted with permission.

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