Saturday, July 19, 2014

Society Saturday - OGS Lineage Societies and ProGen

I was able to attend the annual meeting of the Ohio Genealogical Society this year.  Unfortunately, this meeting often conflicts with other April meetings that I have to attend, such as Lineage Week, but it occurred a little later this year.

I co-hosted a ProGen get-together the evening before the actual conference began. There were 6 of us plus a few guests who enjoyed meeting each other and networking.

ProGen Alumni and current members at OGS
The meeting was held at the Kalahari Resort in Sandusky, Ohio.  Everything in the resort has an african theme, and the conference organizers definitely capitalized on that.  The meeting itself consisted of three jam packed days with multiple simultaneous sessions.  Two month later I'm still trying to digest everything I learned.

The Ohio Genealogical Society has 4 subsidiary lineage groups.  I am a member of all four, and proved supplemental lineages for three of them - including the Society of Civil War Families of Ohio (not pictured).  My mother joined both Century Families of Ohio and Settlers and Builders of Ohio.  Unfortunately, since her lineage only traces back to the mid 1800's before crossing the pond, these may be the only 2 groups that she will be able to join.

Century Families of Ohio Inductees
The criteria for Century Families of Ohio requires an ancestor in Ohio from 1861 to 100 years before the current year.  In other words, for this year that means 1861-1913.  There was a gentleman inducted who is, in essence, his own ancestor - a centenarian!  Our ancestors are: my mother's parents John and Amelia Emma (Graber) Steinbrecher, Amelia's mother Lydia (Kibler) Graber, John's parents John William and Eva Elizabeth (Hettinger) Steinbrecher) and John William's parents Johann Wilhelm and Katharine (Steinbrecher) Steinbrecher.

Settlers and Builders of Ohio Inductees
To join Settlers and Builders of Ohio, you must have an ancestor in Ohio between 1821-1860.  My original ancestors are:  Joseph Thompson and Malvina E. (Miller) McGowan and their daughter Elmina (McGowan) Neeley.  My mothers ancestors (my supplementals) are: Jacob and Susanna (Meister) Kibler, their son Hieronymus "Moses" Kibler, his wife Barbara (Schlatter) Kibler, and her father Jacob Schlatter.

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