Saturday, July 26, 2014

Society Saturday - Illinois Regional Archives

The Illinois Branch of Sons and Daughters of Pilgrims met for lunch recently.  Our guest speaker was Jayne Cates, an officer of Illinois State Genealogical Society.  She spoke on the IRAD system.

IRAD is the Illinois Regional Archives Depository System.  This consists of 7 repositories throughout the state with holding from local and county governments.  Most of northern Illinois is served by the branch at Northern Illinois University.

Jayne told of the various types of local records that might be found in these repositories, as well as the procedure for visiting them.

After her program, a memorial service was conducted by Elder June Chapek for our deceased members.

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  1. I've had some great results from IRAD! Lately I've struck out, but I won't quit. It's great to have this resource for Illinois ancestors. And it's so inexpensive! Wish there were more like it for other states!