Monday, June 18, 2018

Military Monday - Letters from Henry part 2

There are over 3 months between letters that I have.  I'm sure that Henry was writing home more frequently, but I know that he was home at least for a little while in March because he got married!

Fulton Co OH Marriage Book 11 p377

Henry married Rosa Kaiser on 24 March 1918 in Fulton County Ohio.
Rosa was the daughter of Philip Kaiser and Catherine Baus and was born February 15, 1891 in Denver, Colorado.

By April 7, Henry was back at Camp Sherman and wrote the following:

Camp Sherman April 7 1918
Dear Parents,
Sunday again so I will try and write just a few lines to you. It is raining some at present but think it will soon stop for it looks as tho it would not rain very much. This forenoon I was to church are dedicating our new Lutheran building and it sure is a dandy building I have nearly two miles to go, but don’t mind that for all we do is walk all the time. And every Monday we are to get a long hike with our pack just got mine last night and this morning I rolled it up ready to to an Have to put one blanket one suit of underwear one pair of socks, towel soap, tooth brush, and paste. Hair brush and comb. Mess kit, poncho (raincoat) and shelter ball and pins. That make a good load to carry on the back. Got a letter from Clara and Lorenz, and Eva this week. And today one from Eleanor and some maple sugar. Got one from Rosa saying she was at your place yesterday you want to make her work when she gets there make her earn her board at least.
Haven’t head from Marie yet she must be too busy for I sent her a picture on Monday.
Had thot of going to church this after noon again but the rain scared me out but may go yet for it looks as tho it stopped raining they had the picture take this morning of the church and the people that were there will try and get a few. Cant buy very many for the many wants a dollar for them but will get one and send it home for you folks.
And one for Rosa if I have enough money left. I see by the papers that some of the farmers will get a chance to stay at home for a while yet has John heard if he will get to stay at home for the summer or not. I hope so. Will ring off for this time.

With Best Wishes, Henry.

He is starting to sound like a soldier - learning how to roll his pack, and hike, hike, hike....

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