Monday, June 25, 2018

Military Monday - Letters from Henry part 3

After Henry and Rosa were married, Rosa went to stay with him at Camp Sherman for a little while. 

From April 24 through May 3, Henry sent 3 postcards and 1 letter.

He talks of drilling day and night, and planning to go out to the Rifle Range.  There is also some talk that they will move to another camp, or perhaps overseas.

Some excerpts are:

Camp Sherman 4-24-18
Dear Parents,
... Rosa is still here. Last night Dr. Schultz took us to the show. Sunday it was so rainy we could not get to see much of the camp. Will try and get to show Rosa around this Sunday if it is nice.
Best Wishes, Henry & Rosa

Camp Sherman 4-28-18

Dear Parents,
Sunday noon and we are drilling. Get it everyday and some nights hear we are going to leave in a week so Rosa will stay awhile yet.
Best Wishes, H.

Camp Sherman May 1, 1918

Dear Parents,
... will try and write a few lines before we will have to drill again for we are in the barracks checking up on the stuff we got.
We have drill every day in the week now drilled last Sunday all day. And tomorrow morning we go on the rifle range for five days. Will stay out there at night live in tents.
Rosa is still here and will stay till we leae here for they have told us we would leave here in a few weeks for another camp. But we do not know where I think it will be for the East some where.
Rosa thinks of going to work for awhile it is too lonesome she says not doing any thing at all. They will send her some clothes for she has not very many with her.
... With Best Wishes from me and Rosa.

Camp Sherman 5-3-18
Dear Parents,
Got the box of eats all O.K. We are on the Range came out yesterday morning, living in tents will stay about 3 more days. Don’t know when we will leave but it will be soon. Many Thanks, Henry

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