Monday, July 02, 2018

Military Monday - Letters from Henry part 4

Rosa continued to stay at the camp with Henry - even when he was away drilling.

On May 5, 1918 she wrote:

Brother Arthur,
Just a few lince don’t no very much to write am out on the camp grounds now at the Y.M.C.A. writing some letter. Henry is out on the range has been out every since Thursday morning and wont be in till Tuesday some time but they are going to have a big pade out here so that wh I am here am going to stay and see that I only wish that you could be here now you sure would see some thing you never saw in you life. All the boy’s are going to prade they got about 40 thousand boy’s out here now and still are coming.
I can tell you more when I get home, don’t no when I will be home am going to stay till Henry Leaves now. I think his days are few now the fpoor fellow. I sure do feel sorry for them.
Will tell you more later your sister Rosa & Henry. With love and best wishes to all the folks.

Henry returned from drilling and wrote a postcard on May 11 -

Dear Parents. Sat noon and is raining. And we did need some of it for it was getting quite dusty, we returned on Wed noon, and are drilling everyday. Rosa is working in the laundry here.
She was out here last night for I could not go up town on account of beng on guard.
What are you doing this fine weather it sure has been fine.
We may not drill tomorrow its not yet sure I  hope we do not have to. Best wishes to all
From Henry and Rosa.

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