Monday, July 16, 2018

Military Monday - Letters from Henry part 6

Henry continued to drill and Rosa stayed with him for most of the month of May.

On May 22, Henry wrote:

Dear Parents
This is Wednesday and sure is some hot a real summer day.
I thot I would wrie you a few lines while I have a few minutes time.
Rosa is still here but I think she will leave for home tomorrow so if you go to town or have nothing to do you can get her so she wont be so lonesome for you will want to take a ride in the Ford anyway.
Will John have to come in this next bunch or don’t you know yet. It sure makes us sweat out here drilling now. Rosa comes out here every evening for we can not get up town at the present time so you see we do not get much time to spend together.
How is everybody. Hope the folks are all well and grandma is she getting along like usual? Have you heard from Julia lately. I hope she will be cured of her ear trouble this fime for she sure has had her share of suffering. News is awful scarse here so I will have to ring off for this time hoping this finds you all well. God be with you till we meet again.
Henry & Rosa

Although he doesn't say he is leaving, he ends by saying "God be with you till we meet again" - a phrase he hasn't used before.  It makes me wonder if he knew he was leaving soon......

"Grandma" is Katherine Elizabeth Steinbrecher Steinbrecher - she was born 1839 in Russia and would have been 78 years old.  This picture is ca 1905.

As we suspected, on May 28, Henry writes this postcard:

Dear Parents
We are on our way Passed thro the yards of Buffalo an hour ago. Passed thro Cleveland at 12 last night I don’t know where we are going but will soon find out. 

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