Monday, July 09, 2018

Military Monday - Letters from Henry part 5

Rosa continued to stay at the camp while Henry intermittently left for exercises and drilling.  She kept busy by doing laundry for the camp.

She wrote 2 postcards -

On May 11 -

Hello Arthur hear I am yet and am going out to see Henry I think that he will go on guard duty some time tonight will write you more later. Just got home from work,
Rosa & Henry

On May 18 -

Hello John this sure is some place here. I only wish you could of see this place last Sun it sure was a sight the people that where out here. Henry is still out on the range think that he will be in the morning.
Your Rosa & Henry

Note: while most letters were addressed to Arthur and "Dear Parents", this one was for Henry's brother John (My grandfather).

Henry returned and wrote a letter - he hints at having to leave soon.

Dear Parents
Will write a little this evening I and Rosa are here in our room just washed our hair and soon will go to bed for I will have to get up at five in the morning to get back by 6. we will not have to drill from 9 till 12 tomorrow for it is mothers day so they will excuse us for a while. You tell the folks we are not allowed to tell when we leave for if they find out we will be punished. But you can keep it to your self they wont have to tell it to anyone as far as I know we will leave this month don’t know where we will go. And when. For they don’t tell us any thing about it only that we leave in a short time. I have heard that we go to Texas till some time this summer and then from there over but that is only talk. By the looks of things we will soon be moved away.
You tell the folks to keep it to them self and you to or I may get into trouble.
Hope this will find you all well the same as it leaves us and don’t forget to ans. With Love and best wishes from us both.
Henry and Rosa

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